Gundam AGE 08 : Gundam Titus or “WTF it’s red but 3x slower?”

Have you been working out? You look bigger.

Flit get’s his second upgrade from the AGE system.  It’s emphasis is on armor and limb power at the expense of looking really damn slow and has no ranged weapons to speak of.  Has the AGE system delivered another miracle of “adaptive technology” or is it a dud with a shiny red coat? Continue reading


Gundam Capsule Fighter Online: First Impressions

Played a bit last night and my first impressions are pretty good.  The one glaring annoyance is that the menus could have been much better.  Smaller ones include not having all the nice graphics adjustments in game, (had to force them through my nvida control panel), not much in game explanation on some stuff (they do have extensive training tutorials though), and the chat box being small + there are some douchey folks on it.

That being said I enjoy it quite a bit.  What seems like a simple game is pretty deep when you start to dig.

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Gundam AGE: Fardain, home to merchants of death

We find our heroes on Fardain, a seemingly pleasant colony with a dark underside.  There’s some odd things about the city, take for instance these walls that pop up when there’s a fight.

Hmm that looks expensive! Not mention there’s got to be some massive upkeep on an automated system like that!  So who’s paying for it?

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